BLOOM (Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men)

Black youth make up 10 percent of the youth in Los Angeles County, yet they comprise approximately 30 percent of those under probation supervision. In South Los Angeles, they are twice as likely to be arrested and detained in juvenile hall than in any other area of L.A. Black men also have a 90 percent probability of incarceration if they drop out of high school, but a diploma reduces that to 12 percent. With access to caring mentors and positive options, there’s no limit on what these young men can achieve. And when they succeed, all Angelenos benefit.

CCF launched Building a Lifetime of Opportunities and Options for Men (BLOOM) to redirect the lives of young Black males in South L.A. who have already had contact with the juvenile justice system. This five-year, $5 million initiative is based on the belief that these young men can still thrive if public and private entities, community-based organizations, employer networks and families engage them constructively.

Since 2012, BLOOM has granted more than $2 million to help more than 530 young men develop the skills they need to excel in the classroom, on the job and in life. BLOOM youth commit to themselves, their families, and their community that they are ready and willing to embark on a journey toward academic and career success. To date, nearly 90 percent of the program’s participants have not re-offended or been suspended or expelled. The initiative has been recognized by the White House as a possible model to be replicated across the country.

Read BLOOM’s Year-three Evaluation Report.

Advisory Committee:

  • Carl Ballton, Chair
  • Amelia Williamson, Vice Chair
  • Carol Biondi
  • David Crippens
  • Zaid Gayle
  • Alan-Michael Graves
  • Mark Loranger
  • Olivia Mitchell
  • Manuel Pastor
  • Alberto Retana
  • Terrence Roberts
  • Virgil Roberts
  • Karim Webb

For more information, visit our BLOOM resource library.

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